001.Jason S feat. MC Knook – Intro: The studio is on fire
002.Korsakoff – Tempest
003.DJ Paul Elstak – Helium
004.Ignite – Fuckers
005.Restrained – How i roll
006.Tha Playah & E-Force – Distorted noises
007.Sub Sonik – Go fuck yourself (Tha Playah RMX)
008.Catscan – LA
009.NeoX – Headshot
010.Meltdown feat. Tha Watcher – Hammer (official Masters of Hardcore Russia 2017 anthem)
011.AniMe – Call my name
012.Destructive Tendencies – The Skull Dynasty (official Masters of Hardcore 2017 anthem)
013.Javi Boss feat. MC Jeff – Disorder
014.Art of Fighters – Your poison (official UHF 2017 anthem)
015.Neophyte & Restrained – Insane
016.Ignite – Bounce
017.AniMe feat. MC Nolz – Superior hardcore (official Exodus 2017 anthem)
018.Tha Playah – Controlled by chaos
019.Re-Style feat. Tha Watcher – The awakening (official Masters of Hardcore Austria anthem)
020.Tommyknocker – Fucked up music
021.Koozah – Millenial
022.Tears of Fury – No control
023.Korsakoff & Re-Style – The game
024.DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Syco – I don’t give a fuck about
025.Restrained feat. Diesel – Concrete jungle
026.Bodyshock – Hittin’ hardest
027.Tha Playah & E-Force feat. MC Nolz – Warfare (official Airforce 2017 anthem)
028.Destructive Tendencies & D-Sturb – Full tank
029.DJ Paul Elstak & Neophyte feat. Alee – Icon
030.Outblast & Angerfist feat. Tha Watcher – Die hard
031.Tha Playah – Why so serious? (Angerfist RMX)
032.Bodyshock & Destructive Tendencies feat. MC Jeff – Cannonball
033.The Anunnaki feat. MC Braincase – Hardcore riot
034.Catscan & Predator – Worlds end
035.Tymon & Detest – Gangsta bitch
036.Sei2ure – Suck my dick
037.Tears of Fury feat. Tawar – Mechanical
038.The Wishmaster – Disobey
039.Furyan & Angerfist – HOAX
040.Tommyknocker & Radio Killah feat. MC I See – Promise of glory (E-Mission Hardcore mainstage OST)
041.DJ Mad Dog & Dave Revan – Maze of martyr (official Dominator 2017 anthem)
042.Art of Fighters – Evoke
043.Re-Style feat. MC Alee & MC Diesel – Ultimate hardcore feeling (official Harmony of Hardcore 2017 anthem)
044.Nosferatu feat. Alee, Lxcpr & Diesel – LOS! (SSZD Kingsday anthem 2017)
045.Kasparov, System Shock & Revolter feat. Zwaargewicht – Poeder in je neusgat
046.Dyprax – Zultkoppen koorts
047.The BeatKrusher feat. Alee – Lekker knetter
048.Deadly Guns & Predator – The surge
049.E-Force & Deadly Guns – Shocked
050.Miss K8 – St8ment
051.Unexist – Kings never die
052.Meccano Twins & Dirty Bastards feat. MC Justice – Back in the game (level 02)
053.Art of Fighters Vs dp – Into the future
054.Miss K8 feat. MC Nolz – Resolute power (official Syndicate 2017 anthem)
055.AniMe – Liar
056.Noize Suppressor – Im nin’alu
057.Nosferatu feat. Tha Watcher – Defiance (Free Festival 2017 hardcore anthem)
058.Furyan – Trial by fury
059.Access One – Own power
060.Broken Minds feat. MC Alee – Wishmasters
061.Angerfist – The promqueen’s finest drug
062.Neophyte & Tieum – Kings
063.Sei2ure – You’re finished
064.D-Passion – Shock the hardcore (Hardshock Festival 2017 anthem)
065.Andy The Core – Kill somebody
066.Guerrillas – Can’t stop us now
067.Deadly Guns – The Undertaker
068.Guerrillas – Our legacy (official Thunderdome 2017 anthem)
069.DJ Promo – Crunch time
070.Digital Punk – F.#.C.K.Y.O.U.
071.N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD – Blow ‘m up
072.Detest – Bloodbath
073.Meccano Twins – Ignite (7° murder)
074.The Punisher – Trail of blood
075.D-Fence & Angernoizer – Breek de tent af
076.Neophyte & Furyan feat. Tim Beumers – Wie de fok?
077.Nosferatu & Furyan – 1000 Explosions
078.The Melodyst – Meatboy run
079.Evil Activities & Furyan – Speak my mind
080.The Wishmaster – Music to die for
081.Synthax – Heat
082.Tommyknocker & The Braindrillerz feat. MC Ghost – Weed song
083.The Melodyst – Chaos culture
084.Nosferatu – And died again
085.Destructive Tendencies – It’s all about the drop
086.Partyraiser & Repix – Ode to the Godfather
087.DaY-Mar – My path
088.Bit Reactors feat. Vale Blake – Open your eyes
089.Brutale – Chronicle (Chronicle 2017 anthem)
090.I:Gor – Icebreaker (Innominate RMX)
091.Andy The Core & Lenny Dee – Bad manners
092.Partyraiser & Angernoizer feat. Rob Gee – Party freaks
093.Scarphase & Angernoizer feat. Tha Watcher – Chaos of the Mayans
094.Death by Design – Big bomb
095.Andy The Core – Brutal intentions
096.Rob Gee & Chem D – Welcome to the land of gabber
097.Dr. Peacock feat. Nosferatu – Trip to hell
098.Angernoizer – We survive
099.The Punisher – Hate solution
100.Drokz, Akira & Noisekick feat. MC Mike Redman – We bring the heat (HKV anthem 2017)
101.Dr. Peacock feat. Angernoizer – Trip to Colombia
102.Angernoizer – Luid en duidelijk
103.Wavolizer & Mindustries – Voices within

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The Hardcore Yearmix is created each year by Jason S without monetary gain, just out of his love, passion and respect for the Hardcore genre and it’s artists. You can download it for free, but a small donation is always appreciated, never obligated.