Hardcore Yearmix 2016

001.Jason S feat. MC Bryan C - Intro: I just...cut things out 002.Miss K8 - Icebreaker 003.Alien T - I hate children 004.The Stunned Guys - SHE (Tha Playah feat. MC Jeff RMX) 005.Project Omeaga - Prednison attack (N-Vitral RMX) 006.Dyprax - The future (Tha Playah RMX) 007.Restrained - Gangsters 008.Synthax - Stay true 009.Thorax… Continue reading

Hardcore Yearmix 2016: Trailer & info!

It's almost time! The Hardcore Yearmix 2016 will be broadcast wednesday january 18 on Hardcoreradio.nl and released the very next day here, right here, on darkside.nl! The Hardcore Yearmix will be broadcast on Hardcoreradio.nl during the Distortion show on wednesday january 18. The show starts at 19:00 CET. We are not sure yet at what… Continue reading