Ruffneck The Classics Megamix


01.Jason S – Intro: It’s time to go back
02.Undercover Anarchist – Kingdom
03.Undercover Anarchist – Amman
04.Juggernaut – The world of the LSD-user
05.Undercover Anarchist – Yo, te quirro
06.Juggernaut – XTC motherf…
07.Pinhead – Slammin beatz
08.Undercover Anarchist – Work it (to the bone)
09.Lockjaw – Underground funk
10.Juggernaut – 99 point 9
11.Lockjaw – Deep in the underground
12.Lockjaw – Smoke diz one
13.Predator – Mind of a lunatic
14.Vanugenth The 5th – Here we go again
15.Diss Reaction – Jiiieehaaaa
16.Knightvision – Humanoid
17.Wedlock – Terradome
18.Nosferatu – No God to us !
19.Knightvision – Knight of visions
20.Diss Reaction – Rock dizz
21.Wedlock – I’m the fuck you man!
22.Knightvision – The dynamo of the universe
23.Predator – The strongest gang (the hood)
24.Knightvision – Who is it?
25.Juggernaut – Beat go… boooom
26.Lockjaw – The point
27.Phoenix – (Now) Who’s in control ?!
28.Wedlock – Ganjaman
29.Predator Vs Wedlock – Roots and culture
30.Wedlock – Acid rain
31.Wedlock – Wedlock (Juggernaut RMX)
32.Juggernaut – Ruffneck rules da Artcore scene !!!
33.Zerox – Pumpin’
34.Wedlock – The tower
35.Wedlock – Ruffneck (sound of the drum & the bass)
36.Trickster – White line
37.Keng – Induce trance
38.Knightvision – My salvation
39.Knightvision – In the darkness (i was made)
40.Dark Syndicate – The unknown…
41.Knightvision – The search for mariuhana !
42.Juggernaut – Don’t fuck with a Ruffneck
43.Cybernators – Not responsible !!!!
44.Cybernators – Funky tales
45.DJ Ruffneck Vs Juggernaut – I’m a Ruffneck !!!
46.Nosferatu – The future
47.Juggernaut – Got 2b a Ruffneck !
48.Wedlock – Children of Artcore
49.Predator – Art attack
50.Predator – Filled with power

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