Rotterdam Records The Classics Megamix


01.Jason S – Intro: It’s time to go back
02.DJ Rob – 1992 is for you (Parkzicht base mix)
03.Stomach Basher – Wowy – zowy
04.DJ Rob – Boy’s interface (uh……mix)
05.Euromasters – F..K DJ Murderhouse
06.The Sound of Rotterdam – The final experiment (eruption of force)
07.Pelgrim – Amen (Binnenweg mix)
08.Euromasters – Amsterdam……….waar lech dat dan????? (Maastunnel mix)
09.Euromasters – Rotterdam éch wel! (Parkzicht mix)
10.Sperminator – No women allowed (men’s room mix)
11.Rotterdam Termination Source – Feyenoord
12.Holy Noise – The nightmare (let me hear you scream)
13.Bald Terror – Rotterdam
14.Morlock – Der energy (noise)
15.Rotterdam Termination Source – Poing
16.Bald Terror – Drummachine
17.Hard Attack – Way aah
18.General Noise – Rotterdam subway
19.Hard Attack – Bonzai
20.Euromasters – Everybody clap your hands
21.Hard Attack – Bonehead
22.The Agressor – I’m coming (Hardcore mix)
23.German Division – Concerto grosso
24.Armageddon – You’ll never be mine (Hardcore club mix)
25.King Dale – Utter (Hardcore powermix)
26.Evil Maniax – Powerfull impact
27.Hardliners – Motherfuckin’ breakbeat
28.Sperminator – S-fucking
29.DJ Paul – Straight outta Rotterdam
30.Lenny Dee Vs DJ Paul – Dope man
31.Euromasters – Alles naar de kl–te (Rotterdam mix)
32.DJ. Rob feat. MC Joe – The beat is flown
33.Underground Nation Of Rotterdam – Bitch
34.Speed Soul Brothers – Sandman (slayer of death)
35.Euromasters – Noiken in die koiken (hoi)
36.DJ Git Hyper & DJ Paul – Free mess
37.2 Low 4 Zero – Fast (radio mix)
38.Neophyte – DJ’s hardest
39.The Nightraver – Noise
40.King Dale – Fuckface (2 Fast for Mellow mix)
41.Hardliners – Pikke poeli Mellow
42.Euromasters – Oranje boven (club mix)
43.Short Circuit – Mechanic
44.Underground Nation of Rotterdam – I am the master (soul version)
45.Lenny Dee Vs DJ Paul – Anti-procastination
46.Neophyte – Recession
47.Euromasters – Houw je bek (galla)
48.Neophyte – Komen wij uit Rotterdam
49.Evil Maniax – We are the creators of Hardcore (Rotterdam mix)
50.Neophyte – Back in my brain

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Because of rights issues there will be no download links available for this megamix. You can stream it on demand any time from Soundcloud.